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1 The motorhome pitches
1.1. These are located on the third last part of the 't Grom car park, owned by vzw Midzeelhoeve.
1.2. This part is exclusively reserved for campers. Other vehicles are not allowed to park or spend the night on the site. Park cars in the front two parts of the car park.
1.3. There are 4 pitches, each 9m long by 4m wide.

1.4 You must park at the place number that was reserved via and which corresponds to the numbers on the map below.


2 The users
2.1. The users of the motorhome pitches are the rightful owner or renter of their motorhome.
2.2. The number of occupants of the motorhome may not exceed the number of sleeping places provided in the vehicle.
2.3. Visits are allowed at the responsibility of the user. Visitors are not allowed to park vehicles on the camper pitches, but they may park on the adjacent car park.
2.4. Animals
The dogs and other animals must be restrained by all appropriate means in any place of public space and with a short leash in galleries and passages on publicly accessible private property, with the exception of police and rescue dogs. Wearing a muzzle is mandatory for aggressive, malicious or dangerous animals. Guarding must be such that the handler can at any time prevent the dog from intimidating or harassing people or animals, jumping on vehicles or entering private property. This also includes a ban on arousing or not restraining the dogs when they attack or threaten passers-by. The owners or handlers of animals are obliged to take all measures to prevent animals from escaping. (Article 7.2.2.
Dog owners or handlers must ensure that no faeces of this animal are left behind in public spaces and the private property of third parties. The urination of dogs against facades is also prohibited. Dog owners or supervisors must always have a container for the disposal of their animal's faeces. The persons responsible or handlers of dogs are obliged to immediately remove the excrement of their dog(s) with the appropriate container. The faeces of the dog(s) must be deposited in the properly closed receptacle in the municipal rubbish bins or dog excrement receptacles or poles provided for this purpose along the public road or be handed over with the collection round of the residual waste in the receptacle designated for this purpose. (Article 7.2.

3 The use
3.1. The motorhome pitches are exclusively accessible 24/7 throughout the year for paying museum visitors, except in the event of force majeure or during major events on the site.
3.2. It is mandatory to reserve a motorhome pitch in advance via the online booking form of 't Grom. See .
3.3. The user undertakes to park correctly on the motorhome pitch indicated.
3.4. The maximum operating time is 72 consecutive hours. There should be at least four days between each use with the same motorhome.
3.5. Night rest
Can be punished with the respective penalties stipulated in the Penal Code (art 561/1) or with an administrative fine of maximum 350 euros those who are guilty of night noise or night noise that can disturb the rest of the inhabitants. (Article 9.1.7. Sint-Katelijne-Waver police regulations)
Between 10 pm and 7 am, the user must respect a night's sleep.

3.6 Free WiFi, water and toilets are available at the reception and during the office hours of 't Grom (Mon to Fri - 9 am to 5 pm) and on Sundays (1 pm to 5 pm).

3.7 The chemical toilet can be emptied in the men's toilet of 't Grom during opening hours.

3.8 A PIDPA drinking water fountain is periodically available when entering the Midzeelhoeves heritage site.

4 Order and cleanliness
4.1. The user uses the available facilities in accordance with the principle of a good family man.
4.2. The used motorhome must always be left clean and free of waste. Waste must be deposited in the provided waste bins.
Without prejudice to the application of other provisions, it is prohibited to illegally dump or leave behind waste and other substances. (Article 5.2.2. Sint-Katelijne-Waver police regulations)
4.3. Washing a camper is prohibited on the camper pitches. Cleaning the windscreen and side windows of the driver's cabin is permitted.

5 Rates
5.1. The use of the motorhome is NOT free of charge. The stands are reserved for paying museum visitors. See .
5.2 The museum gardens and barns are only accessible on presentation of this valid reservation ticket by name.

6 Safety
6.1. No additional constructions (tents, tarpaulins, antennas,…) may be set up except those belonging to the equipment of the motorhome itself. (Article Sint-Katelijne-Waver police regulations)
6.2. No washing lines or ropes may be hung from the installations, trees or shrubs on the site.
6.3. It is prohibited at all times to make an open fire or set off fireworks.

7 Emergency numbers

  • Emergency services (ambulance / fire brigade) : 112

  • Police : 101

  • Poison Control Center : +32 (0)70 245 245

  • On-call doctor : +32 (0)70 25 40 40

  • On-call pharmacist : +32 (0)903 99 00

  • Vzw Midzeelhoeve – 't Grom : +32 (0)15 331 50 55

8 Final provisions
8.1. It is forbidden to conduct trade and publicity on the motorhome pitches.
8.2. vzw Midzeelhoeve cannot be held responsible for theft, vandalism or damage that would occur to the camper or other material of the user.

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